We believe that a strong foundation in technique is essential to developing superior fighting skills. Only once the core training is strong and can be consistently executed can the application of more advanced techniques, the exploration of style, and learning or executing choreography, be effectively achieved & refined. Too often studies ask students to put their energies into learning choreography before they are sufficiently grounded, thereby creating sloppy or inconsistent performance and bad habits that are hard to reverse later.

The BASIC curriculum at En Garde Academy is quite rigorous, requiring students to have diligence, discipline, and the desire to perfect and push themselves further than they thought possible when they began. Although the class is "b asic" don't confuse that with "slow or s imple"--you will certainly be challenged! Focusing on a single discipline at a time, the building blocks for future excellence are carefully crafted.

The INTERMEDIATE curriculum builds on the basic foundation by encouraging students to learn the finer points of technique, to explore elements of style, and most importantly to begin overlapping disciplines. This interdisciplinary approach is usually framed by a specific style or genre.

The ADVANCED curriculum is also interdisciplinary, and has a continued emphasis on polishing technique with the goal of developing a nuanced performance. These classes are intended to be springboards into performance opportunities with En Garde Artists & Fight Crew.

The En Garde Academy is located on East 4th Street in Greenwich Village, NYC. Classes are offered 3-6 days a week in the evenings and on weekends. 

The May 2011 Course Catalogue is AVAILABLE.

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