En Garde Artists is all about taking the considerable talents of our students and associates out of the training studio, and onto a stage, where they can be showcased professionally. Through this branch our vision of regularly producing works of artistic merit that feature stage combat are realized.

We at En Garde are completely committed to the idea that stage combat is not an island, but rather an art which ultimately must be practiced in conjunction with other elements, most notably a dramatic context and an audience. Through the ongoing classes at the En Garde Academy, we have created a home for artists of all levels of experience (from novice to working professional), to not only train, to grow, and practice in a safe nurturing environment but most importantly to develop a real sense of community… ; a consistent place in which the members feel a sense of ownership. Since its foundation in September of 2008, the En Garde community has grown to being 100+ strong of returning students and guest artists.

To be a good fighter, one must regularly train and strive to grow… it is a constantly evolving journey, and the muscles (both literal and artistic) must be flexed frequently to stay in shape along the way not only in the classroom but in performance. This is hard to do when fighting roles in shows are few and far between, and when choreography is often given little time for process.

We believe that there is no better teacher than experience. One ultimately learns most by doing, so our goal through En Garde Artist projects is to provide regular opportunities for fighters to rehearse, to perform, and to experience the thrilling connection that can only exist with a live audience.